Sunday, 2 December 2018

Pournami RN368 Kerala Lottery Result 2.12.2018

Pournami RN368: Kerala state Pournami RN-368 draw has been successfully declared in Sree Chitra center. As the declaration of Kerala lottery happened on 2nd December 2018 clearly follow the terms as it updated at the backend of each Kerala Bagyakuri drawn on 2.12.2018. Lakhs of Pournami lottery on Sunday for the RN368 series has been printed and distributed all over Kerala for its sale. In fact, other than the Kerala state, Coimbatore, Mangalore, Pondicherry as well as close to Kerala border regions also participated in purchasing the tickets.

Pournami RN368 Lottery Results, Courtesy:
Pournami RN368 Kerala Lottery Result 2.12.2018

The results unveiled by the lottery department follow the stipulation of Kerala lottery draw as happened for the RN368 series follows the same pattern in the last Sunday draw. To check the results, the department of Kerala lotteries followed some terms and conditions, and thus, however, the tickets Pournami lottery RN 368 also followed here also.
Feel free to download the Pournami lottery result for the RN 368 draw using the above link. Each result updated and the procedure for those who were not aware of the same also included in the ticket. You can have a look closely into the Pournami lottery results updated by the lottery department of Kerala today.


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