Saturday, 10 November 2018

Pournami RN365 Kerala Lottery Result 11.11.2018

Pournami RN365 Kerala Lottery Result 11.11.2018: The latest Pournami draw for the RN365 results has been announced. The official information unveiled for the Pournami lottery which figures out 70 lakhs is updated from Sree Chitra center. Considering all terms of service, the sale has been started. Are you one among the aspirant of RN365 Kerala lottery? Such that you can follow the results of the latest Pournami Bagyakuri draw with us.

However, make sure that the RN365 tickets you were holding is purely genuine and should consider all terms of service followed in the ticket. Well, the updated results for the Kerala lottery ticket Pournami Bagyakuri RN365 result can be checked below in detail.

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Sunday, 21 October 2018

Pournami RN362 Kerala Lottery Result 21.10.2018

Pournami RN362 Kerala Lottery Result 21.10.2018 Live Today: Pournami RN362 series lottery results have been made live from Sree Chitra home auditorium. The 70 lakhs lottery update in consideration with the series has been considered all stipulations followed by the Kerala state lotteries in accordance with the public action.  If you participated in the draw, you can also check the Live streaming results and can download the same from here.

>>Download your Pournami RN362 results<<

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Pournami RN361 Lottery Results 14.10.2018

Pournami RN361 Lottery Results 14.10.2018: The 70 lakhs winning latest Pournami Bagyakuri update has been set live. The official draw for the 2nd lottery draw for winning Pournami Bagaykuri of Sunday in the month of October 2018 has been announced very successfully. The big ticket sale of winning 70 lakhs for the Sunday Pournami Bagaykuri has been successfully released their winning numbers in the portal made available for you.

Follow the steps to check the results Online:

  • Clarify the ticket series and draw date accordingly.
  • Clarify the series and cross-check the winning numbers of Pournami lottery RN361 followed by the department of Kerala state lotteries.
  • Download the results: Check here for results
  • Point out whether you've won 4 or 6 digit series with the results you will be following for the scheduled on 14th October 2018.

Saturday, 6 October 2018

Kerala Lottery Result 7.10.2018 Live Today - Pournami RN360

Pournami RN360: The biggest draw and 1st draw in the month of October 2018 has been announced for the 360th Pournami draw. Today, the Pournami lottery result for the RN360 series has been updated by declaring the 4 and 6 digit winning numbers as unveiled directly from the department of Kerala lotteries. The scheduled winning draw for the Pournami Lottery RN360 has come up with the judgment of releasing the 8 prizes and 11 winners who awarded consolation prizes for the same.

The next draw for the Pournami RN361 ticket sale will get starts from tomorrow onwards. Are you going to participate for the next big event of Pournami Bagyakuri draw? If you collected the tickets from the lottery department of Kerala or from the nearby local store for the Sunday's Pournami lottery RN360, you can check your results here below.

We are sorry to update the RN359 results on our page due to some website issues faced on Saturday and Sunday in the last week. For more updates and notification, feel free to get in touch with our facebook page and be ready for daily Weekly Sunday draw from our official portal.

Upcoming Update: Pournami Lottery Result RN361.

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Pournami RN358 Kerala Lottery Result 23.9.2018

Pournami RN358 Kerala Lottery Result 23.9.2018: The 358th Pournami chronological event has been scheduled 7 days before and official the news made live regarding the draw. The goal of each aspirant to win a single lottery and reach the 1st. Such that, many lotteries are getting collected by an individual sound sometimes impacts the luck, and sometimes it doesn't. The recent week updated the Onam bumper last week sale was found interesting and by winning  10 crores, the people started predicting the numbers and the region for collecting the tickets :D

Well, the Pournami Lottery RN358 really made a big approach this weekend. You can check the official winning numbers of Pournami lottery draw from here. Check your Results Here. :)

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Pournami RN357 Kerala Lottery Result 16-9-2018

Pournami RN357: The Pournami lottery officially unveiled yet another Sunday's lucky draw. This time, the 357th series draw has been successfully announced with all same stipulations of RN356 followed. The official live results for the Pournami RN357 lottery can be checked at the portal made by the government of Kerala lottery for the daily draw. IIn fact we have updated and will help you to check the online results for the same draw as it is updated by the Kerala lottery department with the public.

If you have taken the Pournami lottery of RN357 series, make sure that the tickets have followed the official announcement as scheduled. Well, you can follow the below link to check the updated Kerala Lottery Result 16-9-2018 as it the same follows the Pournami lottery RN357.

Check your winning numbers.